The Parks

The French Park

Francouzská zahrada (2 ha) se rozkládá na pěti terasách.

The French Garden (2 hectares) spreads over five terraces. The main reason for this cascade system is the location of the cellars of the former castle brewery underneath the park. The park is connected to the south wing of the castle, where the nobility could directly enter the garden through a hall. A kind of counterweight to the palace building is orangery with its impressive north wall, where the illusory painting, which is the largest of its kind in Central Europe, has recently been restored.

In the park there is also a rose garden, the sculpture of a muskrat and waterworks with a view on the „Huťský“ pond.

View of the castle from the French Park

English Park

The park has an area of almost 30 hectares, it is located on the east and west banks of the “Huťský” pond and is crossed by the “Chotobušský” stream. In the south-west it is extended to the road to Borotice and in the south-east it can be crossed over the Devil’s Bridge to the village of Stará Huť. The territory is steeply sloping and mainly covered with native trees, enriched with some exotic tree species. Several viewpoints as well as three artificial caves were built in the park.

A limewood parkway leads to the entrance of the English park along the west wall of the French Park. On the right side of the park entrance there is the building of the former castle theatre, on the left side there is the southern part of the orangery, which borders on a greenhouse, which was built between 1816 and 1840.

At the beginning of the 20th century a big aviary with cages for pheasants and other rare birds was built on the backside of the orangery, on the inside of which there was a painting of a fictious Japanese landscape, which was painted by Jaroslav Filip.

During your excursion to Dobříš Castle, you can also visit...


The French Park with an area of 2 ha., a unique testimony of rococo architecture. The English Park, which was created in the 19th century, with an area of 30 ha.


The Orangery of Dobříš Castle is part of the French Park and hosts several interesting exhibitions.


We are opening a new Chateau restaurant in June 2024.

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