The reconstructed premises of the former greenhouse currently house several interesting exhibitions worth seeing.

Here you will find interactive exhibitions for the whole family, the Zdeněk and Emilie Miler Gallery, as well as the exhibition of the castle nursery. The entire orangery has undergone a major revitalization, during which historic heating ducts were discovered and preserved, as well as a restored unique fresco inside.

On the north wall of the orangery there is a renewed illusory painting showing architectural scenes. It is the largest façade painting in Central Europe. In the new niche painting, restored statues from ancient mythology stand out: the mythical hunter Meleagros, the god Apollo, the goddesses Artemis and Aphrodite.

Museum of Water

Built in cooperation with the Dobříš Waterworks, Vodohospodářské společnost Dobříš spol. s r.o., the interactive exhibition serves as a place to learn more about the cycle of water, how water is managed, what waters there are in the area and what waterfowl can be found there. Visitors can look at hydroponics and learn about the first aqueduct in the Dobříš region. In addition, they can try their hand at the craft of ice cutting and try to put blocks of ice on a transport sled with pliers.

Gallery of Zdeněk and Emilie Miler

The exhibition is mainly dedicated to the images of the Little Mole, the most famous character created by Zdeněk Miler. You can learn more about the life and work of the artist, as well as admire some original sketches of the paintings.

Exhibition “Mysterious Forest”

This exhibition was designed especially for children, who want to learn about the forest and its inhabitants. They can watch short videos, play in the tree hollows or crawl through the burrow of a badger. The exhibition is also interesting for grown-ups, who can learn about what kind of forests are getting managed by the owners.

Ukázka expozice Tajuplný les na zámku v Dobříši

F. I. Platzer

This is an exhibition about F.I. Platzer, an important baroque sculptor, who for example, made the majestic sculpture on top of the Helios fountain. He also built the famous statue of Saint Norbert on the Charles’ Bridge in Prague.

Ukázka expozice Tajuplný les v zámku Dobříš

The Castle Nursery

In this exhibition the visitors can learn about the history of cultivation of exotic plants and orange trees (this is where the name orangery is coming from) in Europe. The buildings were built from the middle oft he 17th century to hibernate sensitive plants. The orangery is still used for wintering palm trees, oleander and laurel, that stand in the courtyard of the castle during the summer. In addition to the already mentioned palm trees, citrus trees can also be found in the exhibition. The exhibition is complimented with exotic birds.

Ukázka expozice Tajuplný les v zámku Dobříš

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